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Hint files

Permanent Daylight25th October 2002Aki Ahonen
Henkka Mini Quest27th October 2002AqwellFoli200X
Rob Blanc Trilogy (Better days of a defender of the universe, Planet of the pasteurised pestilence & The temporal terrorists)28th October 2002Aki Ahonen (AJA)
Larrywilco: Paradise lost28th October 2002Tim Doherty
MAGS June 2003: Faketrix24th June 2003Petteri Aartolahti

Walkthrough files

Pleurghburg: Dark Ages25th October 2002Len Green (from walkthrough to AHS: Aki Ahonen)
Permanent Daylight25th October 2002Somebody (from walkthrough to AHS: Aki Ahonen)

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